A Digital Wallet for a Digital World

Use the Divi Wallet to send, earn and exchange currencies including Divi, Bitcoin, US Dollar and Euro in real time across town or around the world - with just a single swipe.

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Send Money
Send money across the world in a swipe.

With Divi Wallet, you can manage your own private keys and store your crypto assets directly in your wallet, not with a centralized brokerage or exchange.

earn money
Earn additional income, simply.

Earn regular rewards by supporting the Divi network.

Earn Divi as a Validator

With our one-click setup, you can set up a Divi Node in the cloud and get paid for it.

Stake your Divi

With one click in the App you can start earning more Divi by using our Staking Vault.

Participate in Our Weekly Lottery

Divi stakers can earn tickets for our weekly Lottery Block. We distribute over 500,000 Divi to eleven lucky winners.

Exchange Money
Exchange currencies in seconds.

Divi Wallet uses in-app Atomic Peer-To-Peer swapping of crypto and local currencies allowing you to maintain complete control of your money.

Track your Gains
Track all your currencies and earnings in one place.

Check your currency balances and watch your earnings grow from staking or running a Divi Node.

Swipe The Card
Divi Card. Spend crypto anywhere.

A Visa/MC debit card, funded by your Crypto balances within Divi Wallet. Accepted worldwide wherever debit cards can be used.

Divi Wallet

Your Digital Payment Alternative.

Divi Wallet provides a range of financial services to help you get things done in your daily digital life.

Personal Finance Account

Open a personal finance account in minutes and unlock the power of putting money to work for you.

Divi Debit Card

Use our Visa/MC Debit card to pay merchants anywhere in the world where debit cards are accepted.

Currency Exchange

Swap fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto inside the app at near zero fees.

Digital Wallet

Spend, send, and receive currencies. Our versatile multi-coin wallet supports crypto and fiat money giving you utmost flexibility.

Staking and Nodes

Using our wallet you can earn Divi easily with one click setups for both Staking or Divi Nodes.

Performance Tracker

Keep track of your currency balances, rewards, and lottery winnngs – watch your income grow.

Divi Wallet

One account, all your devices.

Divi Wallet works seamlessly on your iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows computer. Just download and it will automatically sync your account and balance for you.

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Divi Wallet looks, feels and works just like the best online banking apps, but is powered by a blockchain network

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Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated financial product. They are speculative instruments and involve a substantial degree of personal risk for those who hold them, including the risk of complete loss of capital with no legal recourse. There can be no assurance that any cryptocurrency, or other digital asset is or will be viable, liquid, or solvent. Nothing on our website, app or in any other material or communication from us is intended to imply that holding cryptocurrency is low-risk or risk-free, and we do not offer nor will we give any advice or recommendation on investments in cryptocurrency or otherwise.

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