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+ 5,000 DIVI

- 5,000 DIVI

+ 540 DIVI

+ 540 DIVI

Crypto made easy

Spend, earn, or withdraw money in just a few taps.

Top-up , cash out, earn income, buy a coffee, exchange money – all in a single tap. Because that's how it should be.

Seamless transactions

Send money around the globe in a swipe

  • Buy and exchange DIVI, BTC & USD
  • Send and receive DIVI, BTC & USD
  • Withdraw directly to your bank account

+ 5,000 DIVI

- 5,000 DIVI

Earn daily rewards

Be part of the network and earn daily rewards

Divi offers the first one-tap solution for earning passive income with crypto. Multi-Tiered Masternodes allow everyone to partake in the network.

+ 540 DIVI

+ 540 DIVI

Old and new money

Exchange between crypto and FIAT.

Instantly exchange between DIVI, Bitcoin and FIAT right in the mobile app.

Fast, Friendly and Secure.

We created a new type of blockchain ecosystem that can store all sorts of data with transactions. This opens the possibilities of human readable addresses (usernames) with photos attached to them, and a myriad of new functionality never seen in cryptocurrency wallets before.

Coming soon

One connected Wallet.

A seamless experience across desktop and mobile.

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